Lounger available on Amazon Kindle

So I did it. Lounger is available through Amazon Kindle. I have mixed feelings about doing this to be honest. But I’m also really curious to see what happens.

Let me also just tell you about how Amazon Kindle handles royalties. As an author, you can choose to take 70% royalties or 35% royalties of your sales. The obvious thing to do would be to take 70% royalties since you would think that it would mean more money. However, if you chose 70% then Amazon tacks on a “delivery” fee even though the book is digital. Basically, Amazon charges the author by the megabyte. Since digital comics are images, they tend to be pretty large in comparison to a text-only book. So that fee adds up quickly. The upshot of all this is that 70% royalties actually ends up being less profit. Which means that Amazon makes you have to choose to take less royalties of your own volition. Again, it’s the capitalist double-speak of “choice.”

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