Callisto 7 page 5

Callisto. Jovian moon. Galilean moon. A cratered cue ball covered in ice. When I ink a finished page, I usually put down the lettering first to make sure it remains legible.

page 3 of Callisto 7

I have to thank my geologist friend Naomi for giving me advice about the drill. She pointed me here for image ideas:

Callisto 7 page 2

The first set of pages will set up the situation using three different narrative threads. Callisto 7 now has a dedicated page which you can access from the Comics page. And here are some process ...

Callisto 7 begins

I’m going to start posting pages of my new comic-in-process Callisto 7. My goal is to post a new page every Friday. I’ve started and restarted this story at least three different times. It’s been ...

new project: Callisto 7

Now that Lounger is mostly over, I’m working on new projects. One of them, which I have been planning in my notebooks for years now, is Callisto 7. It’s a sci-fi story about the first ...