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With everyone sheltering in place, it’s been a time to share recommendations. A long time ago, I had the idea of posting something weekly about online comics that I was discovering. For various reasons, I never did and a lot of those old links are either dead or lost. But I have a few more recent ones that I’ve saved, so here they areā€¦

Amelia Onorato “Sorgin”
A story that is sweet on the surface, but is actually about war and its consequences.

Aminder Dhaliwal Woman World
A funny comic about a future inhabited only by women.

Andrew White Yearly 2018 and Yearly 2019
You’ll have to download these (the ones above are free). White creates beautifully poetic little ruminations. I really like his work.

Connor Willumsen “I Needed the Discounts”
Willumsen always has amazing drawings but his stories are often obtuse or unfinished. This one is like a Dark Mirror episode. It’s focused and thought-provoking.

Dakota McFadzean “Soon We’re Both Screaming”
A real story about a stay-at-home-dad.

Dylan Horrocks “Words Are Gas”
A little piece by Horrocks in Poetry.

Emily Carroll “Some Other Animal’s Meat”
I always love Carroll’s work. This is one of my favorite stories by her.
And as a bonus, her little comics poems based on Fallout 4.

Lauren Weinstein “Being an Artist and a Mother”
Art history and parenting from one mother (and cartoonist’s) perspective.

Leela Corman “The Blood Road”
An autobiographical story about a visit to Berlin and Buchenwald.

Sophia Foster-Dimino Sex Fantasy 4
Don’t let the title mislead you. It’s hard to describe this story, but it’s one my favorites from Foster-Dimino. Surprising emotional.

Tille Walden On A Sunbeam
A character driven sci-fi story.

Will Tempest “No Longer Ours”
A sci-fi story about humans struggling to survive on a planet that no longer wants them.

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