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So I’ve been reading comics on-line more and more frequently, especially these days. A lot of these I get through ComiXology or Sequential. But then my library also has a service, Hoopla, that has a lot of graphic novels. And I just noticed that many of the ones that I’ve been enjoying recently have all been published by the same publisher, Europe Comics. So here’s a little list of what I’ve enjoyed.

Alt-Life. Thomas Cadéne and Joseph Falzon.
A sci-fi story about two test subjects trying out a new virtual reality system that is intended to be the future for humanity. Funny and sexy.

Blossoms in Autumn. Zidrou and Aimée de Jongh.
A very real story of getting older and finding love when you no longer recognize yourself in the mirror.

Daughters of Salem. Thomas Gilbert.
A tale about the old days of Salem that portrays the horror of the witch trials but yet manages to not be too heavy-handed. Beautiful color work.

Human. Diego Agrimbau and Lucas Varela.
A really engaging story about the last humans returning to Earth and hoping to start over. I love the art and visual storytelling in this.

Just Enough. Flavia Bondi.
This sounds like the kind of comic you’ve read countless times before: young people who don’t know what to do with their lives. But the focus here is on a relationship and it mines some very real territory. And the art is incredible.

The Muse. Zidrou and Oriol.
A beautiful little art mystery story.

The Perineum Technique. Florent Ruppert and Jérome Mulot.
I wrote about this before, but I recently reread it. This is a story about on-line dating, love, and the art world. Really clever and fun.

Seven Places Without You. Juan Berrio.
Simple line art with beautiful color that creates a sense of space and the slow passage of time as a relationship ends.

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