new second edition of Carnivale

Straight from the printer today, the new second editions of Carnivale are here!

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The changes from the previous edition are slight, but make it a better looking book. One, it’s bigger: 6×9 versus 5×8. The images fill out the pages more (I’m learning about book layout). And it finally has a spine. The difference that took a long time, though hardly anyone will notice, is that I swapped out the flat tones with scanned ink washes. It just gives the images a bit more texture. I was toying with this idea a long time ago and people advised me not to do it. But, slowly in spare moments, I did it anyway. I like the way it looks, even if it’s subtle.

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I’m taking the new editions┬áto the APE, but they’ll also be available to buy from me here. Click on “Books” above.

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