Goodbye Twitter and Instagram

I’ve just gotten rid of my Twitter and Instagram accounts.

I’ve got many reasons. Mental health. Politics. Increasing advertising. AI account mining. Politically abhorrent corporate overlords. I realize that there is only so much you can do to resist if you choose to do anything online. And the positives to social media are many. I have made cool connections online and found a lot of great art. We all have to decide how much we want to participate in our own capitalist manipulation and acceleration of political polarization, and the lines that we draw are personal and so of course will differ. For instance, I’m keeping my Tumblr. Mostly because it’s a place to store images for free.

But part of my intention with all this is to be less scattered. Hopefully this improved focus will help me do more on this website. I want to write more and I’ve realized that my blog posts here have been the main inspiration for my writing over the last decade or so. That said, I still need to do some updates to this website and increase my storage space.

Here are some work-in-progress photos from one of my current comics projects, Cleft (and an example of why I kept Tumblr).

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