2023 – Year in Review

This has been a slow and haphazard year creatively, extending from the feelings of last year. As I said before, I’ve lost some faith in my art, which has slowed my momentum and caused me to repeatedly abandon projects, something I have never done before. I started Callisto 7 three different times before finally shelving it for the last time this July. I often end up starting a project a few times before I get a feel for it, but these last few experiences have been different.

That said, I’ve been doing little things, trying to find my way.

I completed my little dream-inspired comic “Hands” in March and it is set to be published in a literary anthology this spring.

Also in March, the episode of the Everything’s Relative podcast that I was interviewed in went live. That helped motivate me to meet my biological aunt and cousins in August.

In July but really getting going in August, I started what will probably be a graphic novel, Slough & Stair. This will be a very dreamlike work, more like “Museum Piece” than my other work.

And the second issue of Canon had a long article by Ryan Carey surveying my comics and graphic novels. This was very flattering and affirming. But in full disclosure, I haven’t sold a single book since that article went out. Still, it is nice to be recognized and have one’s work appreciated.

And I’ve been drawing. Here are a few…

Birthday self portrait
Queen Emeraldas
Another self portrait
I did a lot of figure sketching from a pdf of the Fairburn Figures & Hands Book 2
these were inspired by illos by Sergio García Sánchez

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