This Wasn’t the Plan available on comiXology

This Wasn’t the Plan is a collection of three stories: “Phantom,” “Defrost,” and “Sink.” It will be in print in November, but you can get it now through comiXology:

Sink panels

This Wasn’t the Plan has been reviewed by Foreward Reviews. Here are some excerpts from that review by Peter Dabbene:

Mullins proves himself a master of delivering important information without words, a technique that often falls short as practiced by other author/artists, and he’s equally proficient with evocative dialogue and delivery. His pattern of putting spoken words in standard word balloons while using plain, winding lines for their “tails” allows for greater flexibility in his layouts and gives a visual sense of the passage of time.

Defrost panels

These stories feel real, in part because of telling details like the young protagonist of “Phantom” playing with his Star Wars action figures, or the commonplace problems of work and love that befall the others.

Phantom panels

This Wasn’t the Plan isn’t a bright and cheery book, but it’s a contemplative masterpiece featuring memorable characters and affecting, artistically told stories that deserve to be read by a wide audience.

Again, you can read it now at comiXology.

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