The Origin of Falcon Ace

Falcon Ace is a character I came up with when I was about 10 years old. He was someone I pretended to be, and later wrote stories and made little comics about. This is my attempt to take the origin story I had for the character and condense it down into a little comic. It’ll be three pages total.

This is a lot of fun to draw, though it’s an odd feeling to pull from imagery in my head that is so old. It’s like a reclaiming. When I went off to college, I turned my back on a lot of things from my childhood. And when I later started seriously thinking about making comics, I had a lot of self-imposed rules about what kinds of stories I could and couldn’t do. So doing this is an act of getting rid of those restraints.

I wanted bright colors here, but also an old look. So I played with the line color, making it a little like a mimeograph. And I converted the flat color to halftone. I go back and forth about the halftone. I’m still deciding if I want it to be the final choice.

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