new project: Callisto 7

Now that Lounger is mostly over, I’m working on new projects. One of them, which I have been planning in my notebooks for years now, is Callisto 7. It’s a sci-fi story about the first human base on Jupiter’s moon Callisto. The story is less about the science and more about how the people on the base deal with their circumstances. As always, I am more concerned with emotions and relationships. This last year and a half of quarantine and isolation has definitely fed some new thinking about the story.

As always, I have started this story several times. I am not sure how many versions of the first page I have gone through, trying to capture the right drawing style and the color scheme I want. Here is what I think I’m going with:

Page three is inked and I’ll let you know more later. Am I going to serialize it online? I like the immediate feedback of that approach. So I’m leaning that way.

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