“Museum Piece” starting on Tapas

“Museum Piece” is an old idea that I started on in 2007. That version was done in sepia ink and watercolor. It looked kind of nice, but I really didn’t have enough experience with ink and watercolor and there were a lot of mistakes and accidents that made the process really slow. So I scrapped the story. In my recent theme of going through old ideas and just doing them, I’ve decided to return to “Museum Piece.”

I’ve got the whole thing thumbnailed. There will be about 34 pages, though I may edit down some scenes when I get to them. The plan is to post a page a week, which should be very manageable.

In other news, I’m working on four other different stories, “Lounger” (yes, it’s not abandoned after all), “The Tutor,” “Callisto Seven,” and “The Incident at Orphan Hill.” And I’ve got a good handle on the beginnings of two other projects, “The Tower” and “The Last Father.” When will any of these get done? Who knows. I’m also waiting to hear back on a few submissions. “In Water” was one of those, but there are more out there waiting to be accepted or declined or ignored.

In the meantime, you can check out the first page of “Museum Piece.”

Museum Piece banner


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