Lounger Issue 1 on ComiXology

Lounger Part 1 is live on ComiXology. This issue contains the first 49 pages of the story. Edited and in color.

There will be three issues in total. Part two will contain pages 50-93 and part three will have from 94 until the end. This gives me a chance to color and publish things as I go. When everything is completed, I will print up a full print graphic novel.

Lounger #1
Lounger part 1 cover

Art by: Nick Mullins
Written by: Nick Mullins
Price: $1.99

Lounger: Part 1
A pandemic is wiping out the human race and Kate leads a group of survivors to an isolated house in order to escape the contagion. But Jack doesn’t want to struggle for survival. His plan is to lay on the lawn chair that he has found and drink himself to death. But the people he’s with have other plans.

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