n i j o m u  is the web home of Nick Mullins.

Self portrait by/of Nick Mullins from 2023I make comics. You can read some of them on-line. If you’d like to support what I do, you can buy books from me, either print or digital.

Creating comics leads me to thinking about comics, and so writing about comics. I sometimes discuss my process or explore theoretical studies of the medium. I also recommend books that I’ve enjoyed. Many of these writings can be found on this site. Links to pieces published elsewhere can be found below.

On this blog, I also tend to write about drawing in pen-and-ink more generally and share lessons I’ve learned, as well as tools and resources that I’ve discovered. 

In my professional life, I am a teacher. For over twenty years, I have been helping students to write, read, and analyze critically.

I live with my spouse in California where I train in Aikido and take care of two aging cats and a retired guide dog.

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anthologies, journals, etc.
  • Someone to Watch Over Me, November 2021
  • Lounger, October 2021
  • The Lost Cause of Poetry, April 2019
  • This Wasn’t the Plan, November 2018
  • Sink, September 2017
  • Carnivale: a Kit Kaleidoscope Story, 1st ed: March 2014; 2nd ed: September 2017
  • Defrost, July 2012
  • Holiday Funeral, 1st ed: December 2006; 2nd ed: February 2008; 3rd ed: February 2012
  • Kit Kaleidoscope, 1st ed: April 2005; 2nd ed: October 2010
  • Litmus Test 1-13, from October 1996 to February 2004
  • Jack Face, July 1996



honors and awards