For about a year, I’ve been going back and forth about doing memoir comics. “The Betrayal of the Mouse” came out of that, but I was still uncommitted. This weekend, I watched “Hands On: Drawing Diary Comics with Summer Pierre” hosted by Radiator Comics and was inspired. The first resulting piece, “Foil,” is below.

One of the helpful things about doing a memoir comic is that, since you have to draw yourself and make your own story intelligible to an audience, it forces you to look at yourself from the outside. This can help you gain more perspective. This comic made me put together that I got into comics right before my parents split up and I moved out to Santa Cruz with my mom. I hadn’t realized this before. This gives me a whole new thing to think about regarding what comics mean for me in my life.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’ll probably keep doing these, whether or not I decide to share them.

Also, I think I’ll post these on Medium. So feel free to follow me there.

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