Callisto 7 page 5

Callisto. Jovian moon. Galilean moon. A cratered cue ball covered in ice. When I ink a finished page, I usually put down the lettering first to make sure it remains legible.

page 3 of Callisto 7

I have to thank my geologist friend Naomi for giving me advice about the drill. She pointed me here for image ideas:

Callisto 7 page 2

The first set of pages will set up the situation using three different narrative threads. Callisto 7 now has a dedicated page which you can access from the Comics page. And here are some process ...

Callisto 7 begins

I’m going to start posting pages of my new comic-in-process Callisto 7. My goal is to post a new page every Friday. I’ve started and restarted this story at least three different times. It’s been ...

Getting in the Procrustean Bed

My step-father was in high tech during the 90s and I saw how small companies with innovative ideas and products would get gobbled up by bigger companies, such as Microsoft. At first, the small businesses ...

Lounger recommendation

Over on Twitter, astickastoneacomic recommended my book Lounger. Best dang thing I read last year, hands down You can get the book from me here, either print or digital.