Holiday Funeral

Holiday Funeral
second printing:
June 2017
60 pages • 2 color

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Holiday Funeral – print

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“Excellent. Nick’s best work to date.” – Brett Warnock, Top Shelf

“Sparse in all the right places, Mullins has authored a powerful yet simple tale.” -Jason Tabrys, Den of Geek

It’s the holiday season and Mrs. Herrick waits expectantly for a phone call from her daughter that never comes. Instead, an innocuous phone survey challenges Mrs. Herrick’s sense of reality. Years later, her granddaughter Stephanie must organize Mrs. Herrick’s funeral. Yet in facing her grandmother’s life, Stephanie must also face her own. Two related stories about what we choose to believe about ourselves and our loved ones, and what we do when we’re shown to be wrong.

And there’s the view box of “Holiday Phone Call” that I made for my APE table in February 2004.