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Print editions are available from me through PayPal. Digital editions are available through Gumroad or, if you have the app, ComiXology.


Carnivale: a Kit Kaleidoscope story

March 2014 - 194 pages - two color

preview • review

Carnivale is a wordless story about art, relationships, and storytelling. Kit struggles with her painting as she finds herself becoming interested in a local singer. Meanwhile, the gravedigger she works with meets an old woman at the graveyard who causes him to deal with the memories of his past. The story of the gravedigger's dead lover and Kit's own experiences come together as the town gets ready for one more carnivale.

print: $19.95

eBook: $10

comiXology: $9.99



July 2012 - 36 pages - full color


Lucia has just graduated from college with a double major in Fine Art and Art History. She moves to the big city and, along with her friend and former dorm-mate Amy, intends to take the art world by storm. But things don't go as planned. Follow Lucia's downward spiral of expectations as the world of dreams and the world of reality begin to separate.

print: $4.95

eBook: $3

comiXology: $1.99


Holiday Funeral

February 2012 - 60 pages - two color

preview  •  video preview  •  review

A collection of two related stories, "Holiday Phone Call" and "My Grandmother's Funeral." In "Holiday Phone Call," Mrs. Herrick receives a cold call that challenges her sense of reality. In "My Grandmother's Funeral," Mrs. Herrick has died and her granddaughter, Stephanie, has flown out to Iowa for the funeral. Yet in facing her grandmother's life, Stephanie must also face her own.

print: $10.95

eBook: $5

comiXology: $4.99


Kit Kaleidoscope

October 2010 - 76 pages - black and white

preview  •  video preview

This book contains two stories: "Kit Kaleidoscope Goes to the Masked Ball" and "Kit Kaleidoscope and the Mermaid in the Jar".  In "The Masked Ball," Kit stumbles upon an orgiastic party, but the revelers don't disturb her as much as a play that involves a seemingly young boy. In "The Mermaid in the Jar," Kit has a real job working in a graveyard, which brings her into contact with two brothers, one a recently deceased taxidermist and the other an idealistic sculptor. Both stories are black-and-white and completely wordless.

print: $7.95

eBook: $5

comiXology: $4.99